Daily maintenance method of bamboo products

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In daily life, some people use some bamboo products. Bamboo plate is not only natural in color, but also flexible in material quality. It is non-toxic and harmless. The formaldehyde emission is almost zero. It is a very healthy and environmentally friendly plate. So how to maintain it in daily use? The following small series introduces some common maintenance knowledge, I hope to help everyone:

Use and maintenance of bamboo utensils

1. Please do not pour boiling water directly at the beginning of use, so as to avoid cracking inside and outside the bamboo due to uneven heat. Please do not store the accumulated water in the bamboo for a long time, because the bamboo is afraid of long-term blisters. The bamboo inner layer is very valuable bamboo clothes, please try not to wash with detergents and the like. Please clean and dry after use. dry.

2. Soak in light salt water for 3 hours, then cook with water for about 30 minutes to prevent mildew, insects and cracking of bamboo.

3. When not in use for a long time, it can be dried after drying (the surface of the bamboo is not wet). It can be sealed with plastic bags and can be placed in moisture-proof bags.

4. The best way is to use it often, and often play it, so that the bamboo can be bright and natural.

5. If you need to save as a collectible, it is best to make a special wooden inner cabinet for storage. The dedicated storage cabinet has a temperature of 20 ° C to 35 ° C and a relative humidity of 35% to 40%. If the temperature is too high, you can put water in the room, or put a few books in the cabinet. When the summer is too dry, put half a cup of water on the grid, but keep a certain distance from the cup. It is also possible to use the method of putting old newspapers, but the resurgence of newspapers is strong and should not be more. In particular, the plum rain season in June and July every year should be seen frequently, and long hair should be found and removed with a brush.

6. Bamboo anti-cracking is a very high level technical problem. The current method is nothing more than cooking and smoking with various syrups, but the bamboo treated by this method is not good for your health. If some small bamboo products are not treated like this, it will inevitably appear cracking. The degree of cracking varies depending on the use. There is an old saying: dry for three years, wet for three years, not dry for three years, and that is bamboo, so bamboo utensils should be used frequently, it is not easy to crack.

Bamboo bathroom cabinet maintenance method

The primary consideration of bathroom furniture is the waterproof performance of the substrate material. In the sanitary furniture of the plate and solid wood, the whole bamboo quality is waterproof, antiseptic, elegant and healthy, and has been chosen by many families.

The bathroom cabinet is made of bamboo, which uses the excellent physical properties of bamboo and combines the exquisite craftsmanship at home and abroad to highlight the originality of design and the quality of life. Bamboo has excellent physical properties, has a strong hardness (hardness is better than oak) and toughness, and has good stability and long service life. It is more suitable for use in the bathroom than other wood products.


1. Bamboo products are most resistant to mites and termites. Applying varnish and cooked tung oil on the surface is an effective recipe for preventing these two dangerous enemies.

2. Avoid sharp objects, heavy objects hitting and rubbing the surface of the board, and do not let strong corrosive solvents contaminate.

3, try to keep the surface clean after use, so as not to breed bacterial bugs.

Any bathroom cabinet should pay attention to maintenance, it is best to divide the shower room into wet and dry areas, so as to better ensure that the bathroom furniture such as bathroom cabinets are better protected, which is also waterproof material. breakthrough.

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