What key changes should we pay attention to in China's packaging industry chain?

Time:2017-10-09 12:00:00

In recent years, China's printing and packaging industry is entering a new adjustment period. The fluctuation of the world economy has brought enormous challenges to the printing and packaging industry. The development of e-commerce, the national 12th Five-Year strategic planning, the integration of two systems, and the increase in import and export trade costs have increased. The interweaving of various factors has also brought unprecedented pressure to the Chinese printing and packaging industry.

China's printing and packaging industry has entered the adjustment and integration development strategy of printing and packaging enterprises, and constructed a crucial period for the construction of China's printing and packaging industry chain. The development of e-commerce and the construction of a more harmonious printing and packaging supply chain system will help promote the comprehensive upgrading of China's printing and packaging industry and face new challenges in the future with a new attitude. The integrated innovation of the printing industry chain is mainly reflected in the aspects of operation mode innovation, marketing channel expansion, e-commerce transformation and environmental protection responsibility.

Accelerate industrial chain integration and innovation to win the market

With the popularization and implementation of the national innovation strategy, the competition of printing and packaging enterprises has become increasingly fierce. Many printing and packaging companies are eager to hope for continuous innovation to win the market, but the result is not enough. The technological innovation of printing and packaging companies is not immediate and immediate. From the perspective of independent innovation in technology, this is a complex and lengthy research and development process that requires the combined effects of market, environment, time, people, products, capital and thinking to have a good effect.

With the development of global economic integration, more and more Indian companies have turned to expand to developing countries and quickly occupy the global business share. Many packaging companies have achieved local design, research and development, and sales. The international supply chain pattern of printing and packaging has basically taken shape. Its main features are: international packaging research, development, design, market terminals in developed countries, and manufacturing in developing countries.

In the past ten years, what are the key changes in the industrial chain of China's packaging industry? China's printing and packaging industry must carry out industrial chain integration and innovation.

In the past, China's printing and packaging industry relied mainly on cost comparative advantages and industrial chain supporting advantages, which constituted the core competitiveness of China's packaging industry. In the past ten years, the development of e-commerce has completely subverted the traditional printing industry model. The traditional printing mode limited by regional restrictions has been unable to adapt to the development of modern packaging industry. The era of cost competition has passed, and the Chinese printing industry is facing cost. The orientation shifts to value orientation.

Enterprise touch network is an inevitable choice. The next decade is an era of large-scale changes in China's traditional operations and production models. Packaging is not only about goods, but logistics, information flow, business flow, capital flow and supply chain.

The operating costs of traditional enterprises, the cost from various entities occupy most of the space, and if these costs are adopted, the traditional enterprises can save a lot of capital costs, such as human resources and actual operating expenses. At the same time, it can also expand the scope of business of the enterprise accordingly, and adopting the e-commerce model will bring about the improvement of operational efficiency, which will enable enterprises to gain more business opportunities and development vitality. Therefore, choosing the e-commerce method suitable for enterprises is the lasting development principle. . At present, China's printing and packaging industry supply chain is still in its infancy, and there are problems such as long cycle, poor communication, asymmetric information, and unreasonable resource allocation. The key to improving the efficiency of supply chain is to establish a guiding and unified standard e-commerce platform. .

Green environmental protection can not be ignored

With increasing environmental pressures around the world and increasing environmental legislation, sustainable development issues and environmental issues are becoming more important for the printing industry, as well as by manufacturing companies, retailers and raw material suppliers. General concern.

Green packaging should meet the following three conditions: under the premise of protecting the product, facilitating storage and transportation, and promoting sales, the green packaging should use as little packaging material as possible to complete the packaging operation; the packaging materials and containers must be chemically stable. Can not react with the built-in products, no harmful components will be produced during the storage process, that is, the green packaging materials must be safe for the contents; the packaging wastes can be naturally decomposed faster, or the edible packaging materials , or packaging waste can be recycled and recycled to the greatest extent possible.

Green packaging is a new concept developed under the traditional packaging design mode. It is a packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and is in line with sustainable development. It is an inevitable choice to solve serious environmental pollution.

China's packaging regulations are not strong, and many consumers prefer luxury and expensive luxury products, which lead companies to spend their time on packaging and provide soil for over-packaging. In addition, some companies also believe that good packaging can establish a product image to a certain extent, creating greater profit margins. The final infringement of such packaging is still the ultimate benefit of the consumer, and the damage caused to the environment is unavoidable. The world is calling for green packaging and cherishing the earth. Paper technology is bound to be widely used in the packaging industry. Green packaging will become the development trend of the packaging industry in the future. It will replace paper with paper, paper for paper, paper for glass, and paper. Metal generation has become a consensus for sustainable development.

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