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Edge is a casual Alliance guild in the World of Warcraft.


► Edge 2006-2013

Past 10M Progression

T14 - Ceased in 100 US

Past 25M Progression

T13 - Ceased in 100 US
T12 - 69 US
T11 - 48 US
T10 - 26 US
T09 - 38 US
T08 - 51 US
T07 - 120US
TSP - 600US


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by Wazuka | 53289 Views | 13 Replies
A story 7 years in the making, we've written the final chapter on Edge raiding. Thank you to everyone who built Edge into a team that was unique and worthy of your efforts. Special thanks to Kohler, without him we would not have had this last year together.

In the time since our departure from 25 and 10 man progression raiding, I've had many opportunities to reconnect and learn how your lives have been progressing post WoW. New sons and daughters, marriages, marathons, traveling the world, losing 20/50/100lbs!, makin all kinds of gains, dream jobs, dream girls, and the liberating divorce.

It has always been a pleasure being your recruitment officer and having brought so many of you together. Between the boss kills and friendships, the greatest experience you have given me has been watching you grow and learning from you. It is easy to forget, but you are the one percent in this game, both in skill and character. I am pleased beyond words to hear of all your successes in the real world and I look forward to more.

The friendships that have been crafted endure. Gentlemen, wherever circumstance may carry us, you stay classy.

Lich King 25 Hard Mode vs Edge part 1powered by Aeva

Lich King 25 Hard Mode vs Edge part 2powered by Aeva

Meloree, circa 2009 Tier 8.

Imabaddie, dat face.
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by Wazuka | 8019 Views | 0 Replies
Big grats to all the server firsts in Edge! Great work guys and to everyone who lended them a hand along the way.

Rooftrellen - Druid
Conradradical - Warlock
Speakeasy - Priest
Imabaddie - Warrior
Bombtracks - Shaman
Scorch - Mage
Plastician - Miner
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by Wazuka | 10705 Views | 5 Replies
25Man Heroic Boss Kills: Ultraxion - 59 US

We've slain Heroic Ultraxion and that will be our final victory as a 25man raiding guild. This December marked Edge reaching it's 5 year anniversary with over 3 years in the top 100 US, 2 years being in the top 50. I can speak for all of the officers, past and present, when I tell you how proud we are for what you've accomplished as a team in WoW.

Why do such madness? In these final months, we've realized that a significant portion of our team has only kept raiding this far out of loyalty and dedication. Few of us have enjoyed this game with the passion we've use to and and far too many of us loathed the content but stayed for the company. Many of us felt the guilt if we were to walk away and a sense of obligation doesn't make for much fun. We knew it was time. It is a testament to the quality of character we've had in Edge that we've gone this far out of friendship. Some of us will go on to other hardcore guilds and for those that have them, I ask you treat our friends well. For the rest, we shall remain on Garona.

With this, Edge moves beyond just WoW. Our forums and vent will endure and we will continue to play together in Steam, SW:ToR, SC2, and D3 whenever it is released. And it's possible Mists of Pandaria won't be shit.

I look forward to the next stage of our journey boys. You all have been gentlemen and it was truly an honor to be your recruitment officer. You stay classy.

Our WoW Achievements:

• TBC: Pre 3.0 - Everything up to and including Mu’ru. Kil’Jaeden Post 3.0
• Heroic: Glory of the Raider and Immortal - Pre 3.1
• Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider - US 76th
• Heroic: Iron Council - World 7th, US 3rd
• Heroic: Observed (Algalon) - US 56th
• Heroic: He Feeds on Your Tears (Algalon, No Deaths) - World 12th, U.S. 6th
• Heroic: Alone in the Darkness (Zero Keeper Yogg-Saron) - US 48th
• Heroic: A Tribute to Insanity - US 55th
• Heroic: A Tribute to Immortality (ToGC 25, No Deaths, Achieved Twice)
• 10 Man Heroic Lich King - US 12th
• 25 Man Heroic Lich King - US 26th
• 25 Man Heroic Halion - US 17th
• Attained #1 US ICC HM 25 Time Attack during 3.3.3
• Guild Grand Marshals Achievement Season 9.
• RBG Season 9 - 25US, 3rd on Rampage
• All of our Rank 1 Gladiators.

Final Tier 25 Man Rankings:

• Tier 13 - Ceased 25Man raiding at 5/8 64 US.
• Tier 12 - 69 US
• Tier 11 - 48 US (39th to finish 13/13H)
• Tier 10 - 26 US
• Tier 09 - 38 US
• Tier 08 - 51 US
• Tier 07 - 120 US
• Tier SP - 500-600 US

*I know it's not Ultraxion, the asshole doesn't leave a corpse. I did however manage to wrangle up these nerds for a salute to the guild from some of the leadership.*

*Pics coming soon!*
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by Derevka | 8087 Views | 4 Replies
25Man Heroic Boss Kills: Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - 55 US

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by Derevka | 6749 Views | 3 Replies
25Man Heroic Boss Kills: Warlord Zon'ozz - 39 US

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